Vertical Double Push Semi-Blind Hole Honing Head
  • Vertical Double Push Semi-Blind Hole Honing Head

Vertical Double Push Semi-Blind Hole Honing Head

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Compatible with Gehring, Nagel, and Dahe honing machines, among other domestic and international brands. We provide comprehensive honing solutions tailored to customer needs and offer support for non-standard customization.

Product Details

● Processing Principle 

Honing machines use one or more honing stones mounted on the circumference of the honing head. The expansion mechanism (either rotary or propulsive) radially expands the stones, pressing them against the wall of the workpiece hole. This creates certain contact. Concurrently, the honing head performs rotational and reciprocating motions, while the workpiece remains stationary; or alternatively, the honing head rotates as the workpiece undergoes reciprocating motion, facilitating the honing process. 


● Processing Method

During honing, the workpiece is secured on the honing machine’s table or in a fixture. The honing head, equipped with several honing stones, is inserted into the pre-machined hole and driven by the spindle of the machine to rotate and move axially back and forth. The honing stones apply a certain pressure against the hole wall to remove a very thin layer of metal. The honing head is typically connected to the spindle in a floating manner to accommodate this movement. 



Designed for processing various cylindrical holes These heads are equipped with 2 to 10 oil stones, about 1/3 to 3/4 the length of the hole. During honing, they perform both rotational and reciprocating motions, and uniformly expand outward through spring or hydraulic control. This results in a larger contact area with the hole surface, enhancing machining efficiency. Post-honing, the dimensional accuracy of holes reaches IT7 to 4, with surface roughness as low as Ra0.32 to 0.04 µm. 


● Honing Head Classification 

1.Vertical Honing Heads 



2.Horizontal Honing Heads 



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